20 Things You Can Blog About for Your Small Business


Trying to get your blog started, but having trouble knowing what to start writing on? My friend, I’ve got you!

Below, I’ve given you a list of 20 things you can use to jump start your blog writing.

Keep in mind, these don’t have to be exact titles (although they can be), but they can at least get your mind going in brainstorming concepts you can start writing about, providing value to your customers. 

Not everything will apply to everyone’s business, but feel free to tweak these ideas as you come up with content. Enjoy!


5 ways you can use x

Step by step process to using x

How using x will improve your life

3 health benefits to using x

4 reasons why having an x is important

The #1 thing you need to know about x

Our top 3 tips to x

Our top 8 recommendations for x

How to do x in less than x minutes

2 ways x will save you time and money

4 reasons why you should be doing x

How x can save your life

3 ways x changed x’s Life (client testimonial)

3 terms you should know when x

The #1 guide to x

How to create x

Top 5 questions to ask when x

The #1 mistake every x makes

Stop doing this one thing…

3 secrets to x 


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